I’m a guy who enjoys playing, thinking about, and creating content for Slay the Spire (and occasionally other things)!

More Information

You may know me best from my YouTube channel or my various mods and tools. I think I’m pretty good at strategy games, especially Slay the Spire, but in addition to playing those games, I enjoy studying and documenting mechanics, making tools, and pushing the limits of the games. I also dabble in speedrunning occasionally, and have held world records in various categories of Slay the Spire speedrunning in the past.

My Slay the Spire mods

  • Relic Stats: A mod to display stats showing how (in)effective your relics have been in your current or past runs
  • Communication Mod: A mod to allow other processes or mods to control a game of Slay the Spire. So far, Communication Mod is used by the awesome Text the Spire accessibility project as well as a few AI projects. This mod is also available on the Steam Workshop.
  • SeedSearch: A mod used to find seeds with certain defined parameters. I use it to create unique situations in seeded runs and to learn general trends about the game that are difficult to analyze in other ways without enormous amounts of player run data (for example, likelihood of seeing a particular card under various assumptions).

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